Addressing the GoodPillow & Pillow-Fight Merger Leak by Pillow-Fight – home of the Good Pillow!

Addressing the GoodPillow & Pillow-Fight Merger Leak

As many of you Pillow-Fight fans are aware, we had a news leak last week that brought to light our acquisition and corresponding merger of GoodPillow.  For those that are not aware, that article can be seen here:

We wanted to take a minute to explain this all and what it means going forward.  Let me start by saying there is A LOT to do between now and July, when we intend to be fully operational as a singular company.  Some of the activities between now and then may force some change, but here is the current plan:

  1. Pillow-Fight has entered into an agreement to acquire GoodPillow.
  2. Upon consolidation of the brands, we wish to operate the company as GoodPillow, due to the significant amount of brand recognition and historical coverage GoodPillow had upon their announcement.
  3. The Pillow-Fight products will become a product line in the GoodPillow Company.  So the Knockout, Haymaker, TKO Mattress, Aloe-Very Linens, and Night Spa product line will all remain and continue to be sold under the Pillow-Fight product line.
  4. We will introduce a secondary line under the GoodPillow brand, that will be complimentary in offering to the Pillow-Fight product lines.  Products currently in development there are premium bedding offerings and sleep adjacent items, such as pet beds, sleep gummies and drops, mattress toppers, diffusers/scents, and more.
  5. Pillow-Fight Club will continue to be the membership offering, providing new/fresh pillows annually, unlocking discounts, early new product access, free shipping, and other incentives, across all products the company will offer.
  6. We aim to have this all in place by July.  Some products may only be available for pre-order at that point, but will not be far out on delivery.

So what now?  You may buy products normally from, again, we will be rebranded and one company by July, but these products will continue on.  We have made great products, our customers love.  Our reviews have been exceptional and we have had very few returns.  As mentioned above, the best value on the site is becoming a Pillow-Fight Club Member…and that membership will only be increasing in value as we add more products. 

We have been working with Mr. Will LeGate, co-founder of GoodPillow, along with Mr. David Hogg.  We are excited to work with Will over the long haul as we grow this business into a force for good in the bedding industry.  We have been delighted at how our values align with Will’s in discussions to date…our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and the environment will continue forward.  Additionally, we will continue donations towards combating voting misinformation and promoting voting equality.  We are very excited to also add March For Our Lives into that fold, in order to honor David’s involvement in the creation of this brand.

We will be a force for good in an industry that has spent years polluting our environment.  We will drive change.  We will take on "Big Pillow" and the dangerous rhetoric being perpetuated by MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell. 

We need everyone’s support that cares about these things as well!  We thank all Pillow-Fighters out there, especially our Pillow-Fight Club Members!  Look for more great things as we bring together these two incredible companies!

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