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Kat S. (Clearfield, PA)
Best Pillow Ever

My partner and I were immediately impressed with the quality of these pillows. We both agreed that we sleep better than on any other pillow.

1,000 Thread Count Bed Linens – COMPLETE SET

They keep you cool!

These sheets do as they claim: they keep you cool. They're soft enough, and I think over time they'll continue to soften. The gray color looks exactly like it does online. They're a good buy.

GoodPillow™ CLASSIC
Eivind F. (Seattle, WA)
Such a surprise!

Everybody hypes their product and usually it's a bunch of hot air. I'm an old geezer, 77 years, so my head has hit many a pillow, from folded jeans in a tent to the nicest models in a Hilton. These Pillow Fight pillows are no hype job...I have never flopped my gourd on a more comfortable pillow, and I mean by a long shot. Once I figured out how to adjust the fill, it is pure pillow perfection. How you ever balanced the soft comfort with the exact degree of support is nothing but magic. May I never try another pillow ever again.

An excellent product!!

I am very satisfied with the pillowcases I received! The one thing I am very happy about, is the fact this is all going towards a good cause! That OTHER pillow company can go take a hike!! Everything about the product I received was good. From the way it was neatly packaged to the softness of the fabric, convinced me that I was getting a very high quality product. I will highly recommend your product to everyone I know!😀👍

GoodPillow™ CLASSIC
Jeanie L. (Philadelphia, PA)
Great pillows

Well made, comfortable, have enjoyed really good sleep. Many thanks for providing a quality product made in the USA.

Knockout Pillows
Caryn M. (Colorado Springs, CO)
So far so good

I have spent 100s upon 100s of dollars for pillows and this is the first where I had a good night sleep the first night.

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Ginny H. (Indianapolis, IN)

Words to describe: BEAUTIFULLY made, convenient zipper case to launder, and perfect sleeping support for side sleeping. I also love that you included QR codes on your shipping box, especially to VOTE. Keep up the great work!


The sheets are very smooth and comfortable. They fit effortlessly over my deep mattress. The pillowcases have a nice fold over feature that keeps them on.
I only wish they were more wrinkle-free.
Very nice sheets!
Val L

Knockout Pillows
Valerie L. (Millville, NJ)
It grew on!

To be honest, the 1st night I didn't like my Knockout pillow. I think there is an anticipatory idea about how things will a fairytale. I was disappointed. But, I decided to give it a couple of weeks more.

The next night I started to notice how soft the pillow feels...but doesn't collapse to flat. There's always a few inches of a satisfying springy feeling under your head. Next, I noticed how my arm tucked under the pillow just right. The pillow isn't too wide and where the pillow contacts my shoulder. There's no ridge, no pressure (side-sleeper). I was using 2 pillows, a shredded foam pillow that was too soft with the sides of the pillow puffing up in my face...and it was hot, alternating with a one-piece foam pillow that was too hard, yet cool...this one hurt my shoulder by forming a hard ridge.
The Knockout pillow has my affections now. It's temperature neutral, soft yet supportive, squishy yet structured and allows me to sleep for longer periods. THAT, I noticed the 1st night when we weren't yet friends!
I recommend these pillows! Give them a try. I must have bought 10 different pillows over the past year, some very pricey, some cheap. I feel I finally found the right one.
Val L.

Knockout Pillows
Laura B. (Southold, NY)
Cozy and Comfy

Live my new pillow!

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Laura K. (Dayton, OH)
This is a big pillow

I use two pillows to elevate my head while sleeping so I love this supersize hybrid pillow. My husband found it too big for him, said it hurt his neck, and he has gone back to his old pillow. Good for me because now I have a replacement if I need it! I am happy to support this company with its business model of doing good.

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Chas R. (New Holstein, WI)
Good pillow!

I’ve had nothing but good nights sleep, …since I got the pillow three days ago. 🤗 Honestly though I am not waking up to readjust my pillow when I move around/roll over. Size (regular) and height are perfect. No lie! Any advice on how to recycle/dispose of the obsolete MY PILLOW?

A great pillow. Glad I got two!

I’ve tried quite a few pillows in the last year after needing to replace my old trusted (and now busted) pillow. Being a back sleeper, most pillows were too big, tweaking my neck. Being able to take some volume out of the HYBRID pillow is just what I needed.

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Jeni A. (Minot, ND)
Amazing Pillow

I just received my pillow and tried it for the first time last night. It is amazing!! Best pillow I've ever had! I signed up for the membership and will get two free pillows a year!

Pillow-Fight Club™ Membership
Andrea S. (Memphis, TN)
Super comfy pillows

We got the hybrid pillows & they are amazing. So comfortable, I am sleeping fantastically! Can’t wait for the next delivery:)

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Laurie M. (Riverside, CA)

The pillow is extremely comfortable need to let it "air out" for a few days. The smell makes me dizzy, I am very sensitive (or my sinuses are) to smells and fumes

Knockout Pillows
greg v. (Jersey City, NJ)
Up for the fight

I didn’t expect to like the pillow as much as I do.I got the pillow I didn’t know I needed

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Ckt (Denver, CO)

Best pillow I've ever had!

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Kathryn K. (Placerville, CA)
Better than GoodPillow…. A GreatPillow

The hybrid pillows arrived neatly packaged, and they were fun to assemble. They are Very comfortable, and we are very happy with them!

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Chris H. (Selbyville, DE)
Good pillow? I say GREAT pillow

Comfiest pillow ever! I like a firm pillow and these combine a nice firmness with a cushy feeling! I love it. Great sleep from the very first night!

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Mary L.N. (Ocean City, NJ)
Great hybrid pillow!

Like the best hotel pillows! Less tossing and turning and more sleep

Love my pillow

I really enjoy my pillow I'm so glad I got it I'm not just because I know it supports a great cause but it's a really good product I'm looking forward to getting some more I already told my sister I'm getting her one so very excited I highly recommend it

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
Steve S. (Glendora, CA)
Fabulous pillows

The Hybrid pillows arrived in a beautiful box and started using them immediately. They are perfect, using high quality materials, are super soft and supportive. We LOVE them.
Couldn’t be happier. 5 stars.

GoodPillow™ HYBRID
John H. (Aurora, CO)
Great pillows! Great service.

Love my new pillows. The customer service department recognized and fixed an order issue before I knew about it. Very impressed!